“For anyone looking to improve the quality of their training, Bonita is the way to go. I have known and trained with Bonita for over 25 years. I have brought a number of my dogs to her during that time. My Breed is the Akita, so not the easiest dogs to train. With Bonita’s knowledge and training methods I have been able to keep the dogs and myself happy. Not the easiest thing to do when you have a stubborn and stoic dog. For all the time she has spent with us and sharing her knowledge I have to thank her. Even though my breed has changed (I now have Black Russian Terriers) I will continue to come to her for my training” 

Bunny VandeVelde

“I have known Bonita for over 20 years as a canine associate and friend. I have entrusted her with ownership of three of my Great Pyrenees children, and she has proven to have an excellent dog sense with regard to their training, socialization, and mental and physical health. I have used Bonita’s professional dog training services with Jack Russells, Great Pyrenees and Pyrenean Shepherds. These breeds are know to be difficult to train, but results using Bonita’s methods are both effective and productive. Bonita is good with both pet and competition training, and is always available by phone for consult and has proven to be a plethora of ideas and good advice.” 

Valerie Davis

“I first met Bonita when we were in the same Rally Class; I watched in fascination as she worked her own dogs and the rapport that she had with them. When I learned that she was going to be teaching an obedience class I had to take it. Taite, my older Sheltie, is somewhat timid but so willing to please that I wanted to keep working with him. Under Bonita’s guidance we have continued to train without causing him undue stress. I also started my new puppy in her puppy class and I am thrilled with how well he is doing. The classes are structured but also fun so that Gavyn does not get bored. If you have questions or concerns she is right there to help you work through things or give you advice on things to try differently. With two dogs with very different personalities it is a challenge to figure out what will work with one or the other but with Bonita’s knowledge and experience, as well as her dedication to helping her students and their dogs succeed you always come away from each class feeling like you have been able to achieve another step in the training process. Whether you are looking to compete with your dog or just love the time you get to spend with them learning together, then I highly recommend that you take one of Bonita’s class. You will not be disappointed!” Neena Swanson

“When I was ready to start thinking of showing Roseadel in Obedience, I knew I needed some help with sharpening out skills level. Roseadel needed some more distraction training along with improvement in her heeling exercises. I wanted to keep her motivated and build up our working relationship. As her Handler, I needed to improve my techniques as well. I was also looking to start our young Airedale, Brewster, in a good Beginner Class. When Bonita came, I already knew of her reputation and was eager to tryout her Classes. I have been very happy with the improvements Roseadel and I have made and I have learned some new techniques in teaching Brewster his basic commands. I especially like that the class format changes each week and the Bonita always has something new to introduce. Both Airedales are always eager to “go to school” and I am learning new ways to train, too. I highly recommend Bonita’s classes for both the Beginner through the Utility levels.”  Yvonne

“Liz is my eight year old Golden. She’s smart and loves to work obedience. But she is also a bit timid and noise sensitive. About a year ago I had to stop taking her to obedience class, it was a noisy place and she was stressing out and refusing to work. Fortunately a friend of mine was taking obedience from Bonita and told me how much she enjoyed the class and Bonita’s method of teaching. We started with Bonita about six months ago. After training with Bonita for this short time, I feel that Liz and I have a deeper bond and a better working relationship. I also now have a dog that is happy to come to class and train. Then there is Scout. Complete opposite of Liz. I call him my “Walmart Greeter”. I’ve had him since he was eight weeks old and we have obedience trained since the, however we’ve never had the “focus” so necessary for competition. In teaching me to hold my dog’s attention, Scout’s ability to focus is quickly improving. We all learn something new every lesson (especially me!) Thanks Bonita!” Dawn

“Bonita possesses the ability, knowledge and passion that rank her as an exceptional dog trainer/dog handler. Her classes are fun, and you will always leave with a feeling of accomplishment. As an instructor, she is prepared and her classes are structured. You know what to expect and yes you must do your homework. She know her students – both canine and humans, which allows a personal touch in a classroom setting for those unique situations we all have with our dogs. We are currently training our second dog. (With our first dog we did private sessions.) Both produced positive results. If you are looking for a dog trainer we highly recommend Bonita”  Barb Backus

“Within the first few minutes of your first class, you will see the “Bonita Difference”. Bonita makes a commitment and always provides training in the best interest of you and your dog. Bonita is very professional and each week she is consistent with staying focused on a[Great Dane] progressive training plan and prepares well developed written class material. There is a vibe in the room that everyone will do well, which eliminates the competitiveness, as you already know who is the Best! I am please and relieved beyond belief that Bonita has started her classes again as I have a Great Dane puppy that I want to get ready for the performance rings. This is my second Great Dane with Bonita and it needs to be mentioned that she has a good understanding of large and giant breeds. Overall, the most important part of the “Bonita Difference” is that you develop an amazing bond with your dog who knows what time class is every week!” Sharon Cushman

“My smooth collie River and I had been training in obedience and Rally for several years but we continued to struggle in the obedience [Collie]  ring with River’s lack of focus in a highly distracting environment. I had previously trained with Bonita and when she started teaching again, I was eager to see what she could do with us. With Bonita’s positive and consistent methods and her persistent work with distractions, I soon began to see progress. After just two eight-week sessions, River completed his DX with and average score 10 points higher than his average score in Novice. He is now training in Utility and is quickly learning the exercises and is really enjoying the work in Bonita’s class. He knows which day is class day, and he is waiting by the door, ready to go! I look forward to seeing his focus improve and his scores go higher. Obedience training is a great foundation for your relationship with your dog. Whether you intend to compete, aspire to compete in other venues (we also do herding, agility and conformation) or just want a reliable pet the will focus on you in all kinds of situations, I heartily recommend taking Bonita’s classes. You will definitely see a difference in your dog’s performance and your relationship!” Sue DiBianca

“I really like taking Bonita’s classes. She is a great teacher and a kind person! She has helped me with many “small things”, small things that add up to big points when competing. An example of this is my Utility Signal Exercise. I was giving my stand signal too late (timing). My dog was always ahead of me. Bonita noticed and fixed this problem in on class. I appreciate Bonita’s patience. She doesn’t give up on students who don’t recognize immediately what they are doing wrong. She will work with you until you succeed. Her classes are a great place to learn, practice and move ahead with your training. Thanks Bonita.” Barb Lenahan