Does your dog have a good grasp of the basic commands? Can he sit, down, stay, come, and walk calmly beside you? Does he listen to you and follow through when you’re out in public? BUT, not consistently because he is distracted?


It could be he's good with all of this, but is still distracted when there’s an activity going on that seems too much for him to handle.


Does he usually come when called, but when he sees a squirrel, a kid on a bike, or _________, he ignores you? Maybe he thinks commands do not apply if something more interesting is going on.

He may not really understand that he needs to listen to you everywhere no matter what is going on? We will be using all sorts of distractions, gradually making them stronger as your dog can handle them.


WE CAN HELP – This is the class for you!  


This is also a good class to sign up for to give your dog an opportunity to work around different dogs even if you've been through one of our other Obedience classes. It could be your dog has just become lazy with his response when you want him to listen.


If your dog does not already know the basics, then this is NOT the class to choose as a starter class. Check out our other options: Next Level I Obedience or Next Level II Obedience Classes. Contact us to see if this is a good fit for you and your dog.


We always limit the size of our classes so that you and your dog will receive the attention we feel you BOTH deserve. Enrollment will go to those who sign up first.


Current Class Schedule:

NEW CLASS Starting: August 20, 2016 @ noon (Early Bird Discount ends August 5th)

*New classes are added regularly


This class is geared towards distractions during basic, family obedience commands. However, if you are struggling with stays, recalls, or even walking your dog around other dogs with your Competition Obedience dog, and would like to have your dog working through distractions, this would also be an option for you.