Start out by signing up for our CORE CLASSES:  the S.T.A.R. Puppy Class and the Next Step Class
We recommend enrolling your puppy in the two core classes to provide a solid training foundation for life

S.T.A.R. Puppy Class - November 15th @ 7:15PM Can’t wait? Sign up for Private Lessons!

- October 29th @ 6:00PM >> This session is FULL

- September 25th @ 7:15PM >> This session is FULL

- September 6th @ 6:00PM >>This session is FULL


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Can’t wait until these classes start? Sign up for a couple private lessons to help you NOW. We can help you get your pup off to the right start until you can join a class.

You can teach an older dog, but it’s a lot easier to establish good manners and habits now while your puppy is young and eager to learn new things. Is your puppy running off with your shoes? Jumping on you and your guests? Peeing behind the couch? Maybe you don’t know how to handle the puppy “zoomies” when they pop up at the most inappropriate times? We can help you! We work on basic commands while also addressing the ‘puppy stuff’ you are probably experiencing. Your puppy will be working with you, side-by side other puppies with their people while learning to focus on YOU. They’ll be climbing on and in little obstacle as they learn those to use their bodies - learning that their back feet move separately from their front feet. All the while building confidence. And what fun they will have!

Next Step Class

Teenagers and adolescents can be challenging. They really start to notice temptations and distractions and may become less interested in YOU: Other things in LIFE are so, so interesting and your young pups may be less interested in coming when called. They may start to ignore you. Their focus has gone elsewhere, and we want them to continue to keep them realizing how important and how much fun YOU are!

The Next Step Class is the best way to help prevent the adolescent problems from happening (or at least keep them to a minimum). Too often people stop training after a puppy class – thinking their puppy is set for life, only to realize that at one year of age or maybe a year and half, they have an out of control teenage without manners! Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen too often. By taking this class you are being proactive this will help prevent problems from starting, rather than working to fix them later. This class can save you time and frustration.

This class is part of their continuing education and yours! Life gets more exciting as you take your dog more places as a family. As your ‘young adult’ becomes more independent, you’ll want to be sure you’ve built in a solid working relationship with your dog. Family life is fun, and your time is more enjoyable when you can go on walk together at the park or enjoy family outings.

Why choose our S.T.A.R. Puppy and Next Step Classes?
•    We lay the foundation for a great adult dog that will listen to you and is a joy to live with.
•    You’ll be in classes with other dog lovers just like you where there is a relaxed environment.
•    The classes are kept small, so you and your puppy will get individualized attention we feel you deserve
•    You’ll find the solutions for that ‘puppy stuff’ that you may not have the answer to on you won.
•    What a RELIEF! You’ll find that others are going through the same thing.

Continuing Education: Let’s Keep Going – Do More!    Now that you’ve got that great teamwork going from our 2 Core Classes, keep it going into any number of different directions!

Continuing Education: Let’s Keep Going – Do More!

Now that you’ve got that great teamwork going from our 2 Core Classes, keep it going into any number of different directions!

S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

This 6-week class gives your puppy a great start in life and will make YOUR life with your puppy more enjoyable. It can also eliminate many of the problems that could crop up later if he does not start out with a solid foundation. 

In this Class, Your Puppy Will:

  • Start the basic commands.

  • Be doing confidence building exercises.

  • Start learning impulse control.

  • Learn body awareness. YES, he has front and back feet and needs to learn where he is placing them and how they move!

  • Have fun – experiencing all sorts of moving, wobbling and rolling activities and new sounds and surfaces.

  • Get all the attention both of you deserve in a limited class size. You won't be overwhelmed or lost in a group of 12, 15, or (yes) even more puppies.

  • Receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club (providing all the requirements for their program are met). All dogs are eligible. Read more about the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.

Note: This class is also good for small breed dogs that may not be puppies, but need confidence building. No medium or large breed adult dogs will be accepted into this class.

Enrollment details and more information are available upon request. Please give us a call through the link below to get started. Because of the limit on class size, enrollment will go to those who sign up first. 


Current Class Schedule:


March 19, 2019 -FULL

February 19, 209 - FULL

February 16, 2019 - FULL

Our next new session: To be announced soon! CONTACT US NOW. These classes fill early.

*New classes are added regularly, and private lessons are available. Please contact us for more information. 



What does socialization mean? Should you be letting your puppy meet and play with every puppy and person possible? Should you let them be out at the end of the leash exploring things on their own? In our opinion (and many others), NO. We don’t want the puppies to be “checking out” from us, their owners/ their people/ their family. 

If we give it careful thought, we want our puppies to know that WE are more important and more valuable than anyone and anything they will find out in the world. If almost every time they are out in public our puppy is getting attention from everyone he meets, WE are becoming less important to our puppy. If our puppy is playing or meeting new pups when out on walks, we have little value to our puppy. Have you seen dogs that pull towards every person they see when on a walk? That often started when they were cute little puppies and could be petted by every passing person.

The ‘world’ is rewarding our puppy, not us! Yes, we want to take our young pups out into the world. BUT for me, it means my pup and I are exploring together. My pup and I are playing together! I am the one treating and rewarding my puppy! I am the one that is valuable to my puppy! Everything and everyone else is there, but just in the background.



“After an extensive search, topped with an overwhelming amount of information about dog training, I was blessed with a confident and enthusiastic referral from a coworker of my husband to try Bonita at Communicate & Play Dog Training. Hands down without a doubt I made the best choice, thanks Aaron. From the minute we walked in we felt comfortable.  We participated in the S.T.A.R.  Puppy Class and we were amazed at how much we learned and how happily and at ease our puppy Dodge caught on.  We are going to take the S.T.A.R. Puppy Class over again (as Dodge was sick and missed some classes) in order to master the fundamental skills and techniques and so Dodge can earn and receive a Certificate from the American Kennel Club.

 We appreciated the small class size as it was not overwhelming and we definitely felt we received the time and attention needed to become comfortable and confident with the skills and techniques we were learning. Dodge had fun with his learning all while being exposed to all sorts of different elements including a skateboard, which he loves.  When I first saw the cots that the puppies sit on I immediately thought no way was this little guy going to stay put! Happily I was completely wrong. He caught on quickly, which provided a positive and calm “place” for him. All the while he was working on impulse control. I am happy to report that he is doing wonderful with impulse control, especially with food! We are still working on impulse control when he sees his people friends. Additionally Dodge has learned many new commands in no time such as sit, down, off, leave it, place and the big one come! You are a wonderful instructor, Bonita.  Your love for animals and what you do is evident along with your patience and good communication skills.

We are looking forward to our next class.”

Kellie, Dan & “Dodge” Law




“I recently attended Bonita’s Puppy Class. My puppy was very young with no concept of navigating stairs or obstacles. What an adventure he had. Royal learned basic commands and manners and WE had fun doing so. I left with a happy confident puppy!! I thank Bonita for this wonderful introduction to basic skills.  We are now so looking forward to her “Next Step” Class……we can only experience more skills and confidence as he approaches adolescence.”  

Lorraine Couhig & Royal



More testimonials HERE


Continuing Education: Let’s Keep Going – Do More!

Now that you’ve got that great teamwork going, keep it going into any number of different directions!

Why do WE go on to higher education and get a Bachelor or Master’s Degree? Sometimes it’s to find out what we want to specialize in. We might start out in a certain area of learning only to realize a different direction may be better. The same can be true for your dog. Dogs love to have a ‘job; to do. They enjoy learning new things, especially with you!


Find out what your dog loves! Find out what your dog excels in. Peak their interest!

·         Do you know where your dog excels?

·         What is his unique talent?

  • Competition Obedience: Continued obedience is great for all dogs and improves any sport you go into and of course your lifestyle. Our Competition Obedience Classes are excellent for Competition dogs but are also wonderful for owners wanting to advance basic obedience skills with their dogs, even when not competing. These classes will make any dog a better companion for Real World living

  • Total-Fit Dog™: Did you know that going for walks and running around in your back yard may not be considered enough mental and physical exercise for your dog? That not getting enough exercise can reduce both the quality and the length of your dog’s life? Out Total -Fit Dog Class will help you with this. Every dog is healthier when they are FIT. Just like people, fitness improves overall wellness of dogs. Our dogs can do more with us if they are healthier and in good shape.

  • Fun Agility: some dogs like being very active. Our Fun Agility Classes may be just the right choice for them. We can structure this for even young dogs to start.

  • Scent Games: Some dogs like to use their noses even more than others! Maybe he’s like to work in our Scent Games Class.

  • Canine Good Citizen: Earn a Title with your Dog with our CGC Prep Classes. Then go on to earning the CGCA and CGCU Titles. These will show that your dog is a good citizen. We do the testing right at our Facility, showing your dog has mastered the basics of good Citizenship.

  • Trick Dog Titles: Yes, your dog can earn Titles for doing tricks! We test out the dogs at our Facility. If you need help with teaching the tricks, we can help you with that, too.

Many people are amazed at what their dogs can and have learned. The classes provide distractions for the dogs to work through as well as giving the people incentives to proactive, knowing they are coming back the following week. People also know they have a place to ask questions. They see that others are often going through the same thing. We all support one another.

Even for advanced dogs, training is ongoing. There is always more to learn, or at least to maintain. Dogs do love to learn, we add distractions to exercises they already know. They learn to “figure out” the puzzle of the exercise. They are very proud of themselves once the figure it out!