Obedience Training Classes

Puppy Obedience Classes (AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy)

Start early with your pup before problems start. Begin with the basics of much needed obedience commands that will be used throughout the life of your dog. We’ll also help your young puppy learn confidence as he has fun climbing over and under obstacles; on different surfaces and things that wobble. 

These classes fill quickly and are purposely kept small so you get the individual attention you and your dog need. Contact Us to reserve your spot.

Next Step Obedience for Young & Small Dogs

Did you take a puppy class and then things slipped, and your adolescent dog now seems to have a mind of his own? Or, after having a great initial obedience class, you're wondering what more you can do with your dog?

 We can help you! Join our Next Step Class and get back into a group with others in the same boat. All class sizes are limited. Be sure to contact us and sign up early to reserve your place in the class. 


Next Level Obedience I

Does your dog “know” the basic obedience commands, but only at home? And then, only if people aren’t coming to visit?   Maybe he knows Sit or Down (or Come) sometimes when your are out IF there aren’t too many distractions, or if he is ‘in the mood’. You are not alone!

In this class, we’ll show you how to teach your dog to LISTEN when there are other things going on and when there are other dogs running. The class participants work together to create distractions and teach the dogs how to pay attention anyway.

Next Level Obedience 2 Classes

Are you frustrated because your dog listens, only when nothing else is going on? Does he “forget” his manners around people and other dogs? You are not alone!

This class is for dogs that already know the basic commands but have ‘selective hearing’ when other activities are going on around them. We will work you and your dog around numerous distractions so he knows that the basic commands apply everywhere, no matter what is going on.   Class sizes are limited.

Distraction Class

Does your dog have a good grasp of the basic commands? Can he sit, down, stay, come, and walk calmly beside you? Does he listen to you and follow through when you’re out in public? BUT, not consistently because he or she is distracted?                                                                

He may not really understand that he needs to listen to you everywhere no matter what is going on? We will be using all sorts of distractions, gradually making them stronger as your dog can handle them                                                                    

Private Obedience Lessons

When your goals or schedule make attending classes difficult, we are happy to accommodate you and your dog with private lessons. Depending on your needs, we work one-on-one at our training facility, by Skype, or at your home. Contact us for more information.