Treibball Classes

Treibball is  a wonderful  new way to interact and play with your dog. It builds the communication between you and your dog. By using basic obedience commands, plus learning and incorporating herding commands you can teach this sport to your dog. It can be a competitive sport for dogs of all ages and sizes (if you want to compete). Or, you and your dog can join in the game just to have fun!

Great Pyrenees - Treibball
Great Pyrenees - Treibball

The skills are done on leash initially and progress to off-leash as your dog becomes more advanced. It gives your dog a 'job' to do. This game encourages problem solving. All this thinking tires out your dog so he does not get into mischief at home - he'll be sleeping.

..... And, it's not just for herding dogs!

The dog in this photo is one of my Great Pyrenees - normally she would be guarding her flock, not herding it! As a professional member/trainer of the American Treibball Association I am excited to bringing this sport to more dogs and people in the Western New York area.

If you haven’t seen the game in action yet, you can watch videos here: American Treibball Association                                                                      

Treibball started in Germany but is quickly catching on in the US. The owner does NOT need the special equipment of agility, nor does the owner need to race and run (as is agility).  The teamwork is similar but is much less physically demanding for the handler. It can help shy or timid dogs build confidence and is excellent for working on impulse control for those that are reactive.

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