Sport & Competition Classes

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

Your puppy can earn his first official award from the AKC, no matter what breed or mix he is. This six week class provides a great foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment between you. Plus, Bonita is a Certified AKC Evaluator, so when you meet the requirements, we're fully qualified to graduate your little one.


Communicate & Play Class

Our unique signature program uses targeting, toys and play to deepen communication and bonds with your dog. It creates a fun foundation for a lifetime of increasing your vocabulary and limitless possibilities to work together.

Competition Obedience Class

The basis of obedience is attention training, a Communicate & Play specialty. We have classes for all four AKC Competition levels, and this is also a great environment to expand your dog's training beyond the basics. 

Fun Agility Class

Learn how to complete the agility obstacles correctly in an encouraging, fun environment. This is a first step to more advanced competition agility training. Your dog gets a physical and mental workout that will also reap a calmer, more relaxed companion.


Rally is a sport designed with the pet owner in mind, promoting teamwork and communication. Dogs and owners complete a pre-defined course of 10-20 tasks. This class is a lot of fun, whether or not you choose to compete. 

Scent Games & Nosework

Use one of your dog's most powerful senses for a mentally challenging and fun class. Great for any dog, including those with physical limitations.


Treibball is a wonderfully fun new sport that combines basic obedience commands with herding commands to play fun games with your dog. It's a great fit for any dog, not just the herding breeds.