Next Level Obedience 1 Class

Do you want to enjoy life WITH your dog? Have you started with the basic commands but find that he’s having trouble following through on them? Are you embarrassed when friends, family and neighbors visit because your dog is jumping on them?

  • Imagine your dog lying calmly on his place or mat while your family or company is eating.
  • Picture giving a Sit or Down command only once, not 3…4…5 times. And, your dog will remain in there until you release him.
  • Imagine your dog being calm as friends pet him.
  • Can you see yourself walking through town or in the country and you’re actually enjoying having your dog with you, instead of leaving him home? This can be a reality!

To add even more to this class, we add in some agility obstacles (hoops, wobbles, jumps and more). This adds interest to the basic obedience commands, while at the same time builds confidence and gives a variety of things to work on.

The guaranteed small size of our classes assures that you and your dog will get the most attention possible.  You will NOT be lost in a  class of 10+ dogs!

Enrollment details and more information are available upon request. Please give us a call through the link below to get started. Because of the limit on class size, enrollment will go to those who sign up first. 


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*New classes are added regularly, and private lessons are available. Please contact us for more information.