Scent Games & Nosework Classes

What to dogs love to do? Sniff!

Why not take advantage of this natural instinct and direct it in a fun way? At the same time, you and your dog can learn something new together. These classes teach your dog the skills to do odor and scent detection while he has fun using his nose to find treats and objects hidden in boxes and other containers. 


We start out easy.  Your dog learns to search for a treat. Then he will progress to searching for Essential Oils. The training will gradually advance in difficulty to include building searches, outdoor searches, vehicle searches and more.

  • Help your shy or timid dog become more relaxed, confident and outgoing so both you and your dog will have less stress.

  • Relieve boredom and challenge your dog's mental energy, so you'll have a relaxed, content and calm dog who's less likely to cause problems, like digging in your yard, tearing up furniture, and other mischief he finds.

  • Any breed at any age can do this class, even older or disabled dogs.

Classes are small, with one dog “working” at a time. 

Enrollment details and more information are available upon request. Please give us a call through the link below to get started.

Current Weekly Schedule:

No classes are currently scheduled

*New classes are added regularly, and private lessons are available. Please contact us for more information.

Class Videos

In this video, Kylee uses her nose to find one drop of clove. Notice how she stays at the scent until her owner comes to her.